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We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret --Jim Rohn

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Event Location Register
2-3 April 2016 Sat-Sun Ian King Live in London London UK
7-8 April 2016 Thu-Fri By invitation Washington USA Email
8-10 April 2016 Fri-Sun                 KSI Level 3 Course Cape Cod MA USA Register at KSI Coach Forum
-10 April 2016 Sat-Sun Art of Coaching for Sports Coaches Cape Cod MA USA
8-12 April 2016 Fri-Sun KSI Level 5 & Above Coaching Camp Cape Cod MA USA Register at KSI Coach Forum
16-17 April 2016 Sat-Sun Speed & explosive training for increased  Athleticism Los Angeles CA USA
30 Apr 2016 Sat Business School for Personal Trainers Singapore Email
01 May 2016 Sun 01 May 2016 Sun Singapore Email
18-23 Aug 2016 Thu-Tue KSI 13th Annua Athlete & Coach Train Camp Park City, USA   
18-19 Aug 2016 Thu-Fri KSI Level 2 Prac Park City, USA  
19-21 Aug 2016 Fri-Sun KSI Level 3 Prac Park City, USA  
21-23 Aug 2016 Sun-Tue KSI Level 4 Prac Park City, USA  
18-23 Aug 2016 Thu-Tue KSI Level 5 Prac Park City, USA  
13-15 Oct 2016 Thu-Sat 2016 SWIS Conference Toronto CAN  
16 Oct 2016 Sun tbc Toronto CAN  
17-21 Oct 2016  Mon-Fri KSI Level 5 & Above Coaching Camp Cape Cod MA USA  


KSI was established in 1986 as one of the first professional commercial services of its kind established in the world, and one of the few to exclusively focus on the physical development of the elite athlete. In the 25+ years since inception, KSI has serviced athletes at the elite level in over 20 different sports and in over 10 different countries. More athletes and more sports in more countries have been personally touched by KSI! if you can't find the answers to your question send us an email at
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