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No. 115, January 2013 

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  1. Masters athlete trialthon training
  2. Which Get Buffed!™ workout should I do?
  3. Your say
  4. 600+ athletes sponsored globally
  5. KSI Student Coach Profile - Carl Chia, Singapore
  6. Ask the Master Q & A
  7. Book of Muscle
  8. We've just expanded into Belgium 
  9. 2013 KSI Seminars
  10. KSI Global Network

Dear Ian,

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Ian King, on behalf of Team KSI

1. Masters athlete triathlon training

Now to the program…..I’m hooked!! I’m stunned about how something so straight forward (not discounting the years of your R&D behind it!!) can have such a body changing impact in just a couple of sessions. The tennis ball rolling is such a gift – a real love it/hate it battle in my head!!

I took the time up north to just walk and swim. Nothing aerobic. I am totally mesmerized by the info. I wish I was ten years younger and had a year up my sleeve that I could dedicate to the development of this kind of foundation.

I’m keen to start running this week and of course continue with your program!!

Any other tips?  Snippets of wisdom?  Looking forward to catching up – again thank you for opening the doors to your world of alternative fitness options. I am enjoying the journey thus far.

 Really loved hearing your positive experience and the power of the program! that is why my approach to training has not only created thousands of high achieving athletes, but also started revolutions in training around the world.

Snippets of wisdom – don’t get overwhelmed with your new found sources of info. Keep it simple and to the time frames you have committed to. As you have said, this is not 10 years ago and you have a relatively short term goal – so don’t over-complicate it. I believe you have the physical and mental attributes for success in sport irrespective of age, relative lack of experience in certain sport disciplines etc. So trust your instincts and be clear about what you want to do. Don’t clutter it, so you can achieve your training with ease and in the absence of panic. You are one of tho se individuals whose ability to focus and drive towards a target is extraordinary, so trust this and don’t panic about what you don’t know or what you have not done. Look to achieve the healthy balance between doing and worrying!

So ease into your running/swimming/cycling, keeping records of location, duration, intensity, times, HRs etc. I say again – be progressive. Start small and build.  I believe you will enjoy the journey into the future also!

--Ian King

2. Which Get Buffed!™ workout should I do?

Ian, I just finished the advance program in the Book of Muscle.  Despite training for over 20 years I started with the intermediate program and  then progressed to the advanced.  I'm quite happy with the results. At age 51 and 165 lb. I am once again squatting and deadlifting over 400lb.  In getting there I can say I never felt overwhelmed by the volume (although the combination squat/deadlift days were "tough").  Now that I'm done the question is…what's next?  I did buy the GBI book, but after a quick read through the workouts it seems they are very similar to the Book of Muscle - number of training days notwithstanding.  Should I move right into the GBI workouts - buy one of the other GB books, or repeat the advanced program?

PS, met you at Gold's Gym in Braintree, MA about 15 years ago, where you were holding a seminar for trainers.  I regret taking as long as I did to start using your program.  I should have requested an autographed copy too! Thanks,

Ken - great to hear from you. We are also impressed with anyone with experience who is willing to be conservative with their level of  difficulty selection of programs from our books - you wouldn't believe how many want to rush to Get Buffed! IV programs with a few years of training behind them, for example. As your training years confirm, training is for life so there is no rush!  Where to now for you?  As you know the Book of Muscle programs are 3 days a week and the Get Buffed! book programs are four days a week. We would recommend you give the Get Buffed! 1 Programs a go, an d then from there if you feel you want to move on, order the Get Buffed! II book. You can always return in the future to the 3 day a week programs from the Book of Muscle.

Braintree, MA - that was I think in 1998 or 1999. Great to hear you were there! As you are learning, the programs I have created and shared are timeless, and even though many have sought to copy them in particular books and articles, I suggest they miss the target with their 'tweaking'.  If you order another Get Buffed! book in future I would be more than happy to sign up a personalized message in the front for you! Just let us know.

Great to see you finally came back to the fold and are benefitting  from the our approach to training!

--Ian King

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3. Your say

Holistic education - the KSI way

It sometimes takes multiple reads for me for ideas to sink in. I remember looking through this thread in December and just came back and read through/watched (videos) again. A lot of powerful ideas that you're sharing. Thank you. Respectfully,

 Thanks sean. i also believe they are very powerful. i also understand that most physical prep coaches, like most highly trained specialisits, have been conditioned to disregard anything outside of their specific specialzed field. I suggest that specialization serves industries, and most professional development content is shaped by the commerce that funds the industry through direct sponsorhips and advretising. I further suggest they have no interest in the specialist being educated in ways that may not fund the industries that their specialization was created to serve commercially speaking. In a nutshell, specialists are conditioned to look, focus and act only within one narrow field. I don't endorse this. I promote a more generalist approach to other activities and subjects that affect you so much. in essence this is a more holistic approach. My thinking is influenced by the teachings of Buckminster fuller, who wrote extensivley many decades ago on the advent of specialist vocational training and the commercial influences, if you wish to pursue these more original thoughts.

In summary, your new found willingness to absorb and therefore realize value in my holistic teachings suggest you are what i describe at least breaking the mould for which you have been trained to fill. I suggest this will serve you will, more so should you advance your awareness in areas such as these moving forward.

--Ian King

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4.  600+ athletes sponsored globally

Our partner company sponsors over 600 elite athletes worldwide, including KSI athletes. Over 60 of the athletes at the 2012 London Olympic Games were sponsored by our parnter company, again incluiding KSI athletes. To give you an insight into the diversity of sports, here are just some of these athletes:

Andy Studebaker, National Football League; Antonin Decarie, Professional Boxer; Audrey Robichaud, Freestyle Mogul Skier; Breanne Wagner Dodd, ; Professional Waterskier; Daniel Carruthers, Deaflympic Cyclist; Darren Niedermeyer, Pole Vaulter; Doug LaBelle II, Professional Golfer on PGA Tour; D.J. Carrasco, Pitcher, Major League Baseball; Freddy Krueger, Pro Water Ski Jumper George Bovell, Trinidad and Tobago Men’s Swimming, Olympic Bronze Medalist; Gina Grain, Olympic Cyclist; Jen Heil, CA Freestyle Mogul Skier; Jillian Vogtli, U.S. Freestyle Mogul Skier; Jared MacLeod, Olympic Track & Field Hurdler; Jennifer Botterill, Canadian National Women's Hockey Team; Jose Antonio Rivera, Professional Boxer; Julia Murray, Canadian Ski Cross Team; Karen TrueLove, Pro Water Skier; Matt Lowe, Professional Swimmer, 2x U.S. National Champion; Nikola Girke, Olympic Windsurfer; Ryan Dodd, MasterCraft Pro Tour Jump Champion, Canadian National Champio n; Sam Stosur, Professional Tennis Player; Sijuola Shabazz, Boxer; Tate Smith, Olympic Kayaker; Timothy Ray Bradley, Jr., Professional Boxer

There are many reasons for why so many athletes use our products. Let’s start with ‘trust’. In the words from our partner company’s web site:

Trust is a major issue for athletes competing for a place in the Olympics and other high profile athletic competitions.

Athletes around the world trust our recommendation to do the best for them. Trust our recommendation?

Try the product for yourself

5. KSI Student Coach Profile - Carl Chia, Singapore

After being in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for a few years, I discovered a deep interest in training athletes and at the same time, I was looking to learn from the best - be it training knowledge, preparing athletes, injury prevention, coach education and just about everything related to fitness and performance. I went on a search and it took me a few months before I found the best person to learn from. He is Ian King, the founder of King Sports International.

I started reading as much materials as I could that were written by Ian. His teachings and philosophies resonated deeply with me and I knew I had to seek out and learn from him personally. So I began my journey in the KSI coach education program when I made the trip to Brisbane for the level 3 course. That was after completing the earlier levels 1 and 2 which were theory based - yet filled with incredibl e knowledge that I have not seen or read anywhere.

Level 1 might be the first course in the KSI coach education program, but even by itself it is a fantastic course to do because it contains excellent knowledge and wisdom from Ian's years of experience. Where level 1 is more philosophical and general in order to teach the new student about the teachings of KSI, level 2 goes into more technical information of preparing the athlete and is more comprehensive and detailed in regards to training theory. Level 3 is where the real journey begins - a practical and hands on course where the student coaches real athletes in real life situations. Having no experience whatsoever, it was a challenge to be out of my comfort zone, but it has proved to be the spark of my coaching career.

A year after I begun my coach education with KSI, I organized a seminar in where I brought down Ian to Si ngapore to share his knowledge with a group of fitness professionals and training enthusiasts - something that I had always wanted to do because I felt that Ian had so much to offer to the world. Just doing my part to bring up the standards of the fitness industry and I am happy to say that the seminar was a success.

Although only slightly more than a year as a student with KSI, I have learnt and progressed a lot in my coaching career, but there is a long way to do - which I am excited to do so under the KSI coach education program. KSI has not only improved me as a fitness professional, but holistically and personally as well - something that I have not found anywhere. And I look forward to more progress and development with KSI.

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6. Ask the Master Q & A

Any help, guidance and recommendations on how to train athletes?

Dear Ian, I live in xxx and have recently qualified as a personal trainer. I was really disappointed with the poor coverage of programming in the course - doesn't inspire much confidence! As you probably know the course doesn't cover the training and programme development of athletes, but general fitness/fat loss for the general population.

As a beginning trainer, I feel the need for a 'recipe book' to guide me through my formative period. University training is not a possibility for me but I would like to learn to train athletes at a less than elite level. Would your design manual be suitable?

I am involved with mainly swimmers at the moment. Is the manual only geared towards the strength and power sports or can it be used to develop programmes for more endurance sports as well? As you probably know, excessive bulk is undesirable in swimming but strength is always needed.

Any help, guidance and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards

P.S. I've already got xxxx's latest program design manual, but it's mainly geared towards fat loss.

xxxx - thanks for your email. Congrats on your desire to improve yourself professionally. I assume you are referring to my book 'How to write Strength Training program'? If so, you can find most of that book plagiarised in xxxx's  program design manual, along with other Americans books of similar ethical values. It won't make much sense in their diluted, paraphrased approach to sentence structure, so it probably won't help you much.

My main guidance at this point in time is to review who you are learning from. Firstly, as you seek to train athletes, do the people whose work you study and whose material you invest in train athletes? Have they ever really trained athletes? Have they succeeded in this endeavour? Should they be teaching? Do they lie in their marketing material? Do they publish others works to give the impression they have experience.

This would be one of the most important guidances I can give.

--Ian King

Want more? Order 'Ask the Master - An Anthology of Q & A's by Ian King

7. Book of Muscle question

Dear Ian, About to start The Beginner Program, Stage 2 and I had 2 quick questions.

1.    There are 2 exercises using a barbell - a shoulder press and a bench press. I am using the gym where I live at the moment but it doesn't have barbells. I know there are lots of bench presses to come but for this part can I do these 2 exercises  with dumbbells? 

2.    I have been doing "thin tummy, both legs up, cycle out one leg and hold for 5 secs" in stage 1 instead of the the basic thin tummy as I was already practised at controlling these muscles. So my question is what do I do with this exercise in stage 2 which requires :thin tummy, lift one leg, 10 reps. If I do these as I have been doing them with a 5 sec hold it will still seem too slack. If I aim for 20 reps it will start to hurt. Do I just aim for higher reps?

Thanks for your help.--Tony

Tony -

  1. Yes
  2. This is a real tough exercise to teach via the written word to the standard of technique that I aim for. Have you got the video “ian King’s guide to Abdmoinal Exercises”. That would be the next best thing. This exercise in the pure or ideal sense is about the quality of the contraction, which will ‘hurt’, not about the number of reps per se. I would be confident your execution  now and what I would have you do in person coaching you are different. However doing the best we can do under the circumstances I do recommend the visual aid of the dvd

--Ian King

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8. We've just expanded into Belgium!

For 12 years now we have been developing, training and mentoring a global sales team distributing our nutritional supplement products. We are currently in 18 countries, and the most recent expansion for our team was into Belgium. Here's what this new Belgian team member has to say:

 I've noticed that you are posting a lot of training wisdom on facebook and I've shared quite a few posts on my own facebook page. Please keep posting! Today I spoke to two people in the gym who know that I am a big fan of KSI / Get Buffed for a long time. They never asked me to learn more about you... untill now! One of the 2 guys is a competitive bodybuilder who told me that he was really impressed. Especially because he shares with you the principle "learning by doing". He hardly reads anything about training but you caught his attention...

I'm glad to see that you are reaching a lot of people in Belgium thanks to your posts. People who are now also becoming curious to learn more about our products! Today I sold a package of vitamins in the gym. Another guy asked me if I can also sell him some supplements next week. The owner of the gym is taking his supplements for a few weeks and he is very positive about it. The bodybuilder who I mentioned also showed interest in our products. He will become a customer. Are we creating momentum? I think so! Cheers, David Cerpentier

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9. 2013 KSI  Seminars

Tues 12 Feb 2013 - Sydney

Wed 6 Mar 2013 - Ireland
Thur 7 Mar 2013 - Ireland
Fri 8 Mar 2013 - Innsbruck
Sat 9 Mar 2013 - Innsbruck
Sun 10 Mar 2013 - London
Mon 11 Mar 2013 - Boston
Tue 12 Mar 2013 - Boston

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