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Mon 17 March 2014:  Listen to a chat with a personal trainer who has completed the KSI L1

Feedback about impact of reading the So You Want to Become....(book)


Mon 3 March 2014: Second 2014 KSI World Tour video released!


Sun 2 March 2014: First 2014 KSI World Tour video released

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Fri 21 Feb 2014: 2014 seminar dates released! Learn more

Fri 31 Jan 2014: New videos from our national convention in Australia last week - check them out here:

Tues 31 Dec 2013: New KSI Coaching Course for 2014 - learn more here!

Thu 31 Oct 2013: Experienced a shoulder injury? Join us at this evening seminar to learn how this champion athlete overcame their shoulder challenges and went on to win an Olympic Gold Medal! Sydney Mon 18 Nov 2013. Register  /  Learn more


Tue 1 Oct 2013: Heaps of new e-videos loaded up at the KSI E-Video shop, including the 2 seminars from Sydney during last weekend. Click here to learn more!

Sun 22 Sep 2013: NEW RELEASE - Legacy (the book) - Ian King's Training Innovations. Pre-production offer valid to 24 Sep 2013. Learn more here!

Wed 28 Aug 2013: NEW RELEASE - 7 KSI Strategies for Athletic Success (E-video). 3 Day pre-production offer to current KSI Clients - learn more here!

Tue 20 Aug 2013:  The 2nd Annual Worldwide Fitness Business Owners Summit.  You can catch Coach King present on the '10 Original Concepts That Have Changed the Way the World Trains' Mon, Sep 16, 2013 1:00 AM - 2:30 AM EDT (Australian Time).



Mon 12 Aug 2013:  The 2nd Annual Worldwide Fitness Business Owners Summit.  You can attend the LIVE ONLINE FREE Pre-Summit right now - and catch Ian King presenting on 'The Top 10 Frustrations Faced by Physical Preparation Coaches (Seeking to train athletes) - and how to overcome them! It's not too late to register. Check it out here!

Annual World Fitness Business Owners Summit

KSI Athlete
KSI was established in 1986 as one of the first professional commercial services of its kind established in the world, and one of the few to exclusively focus on the physical development of the elite athlete. In the 25+ years since inception, KSI has serviced athletes at the elite level in over 20 different sports and in over 10 different countries. More athletes and more sports in more countries have been personally touched by KSI! if you can't find the answers to your question send us an email at
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