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ProductName:  Endurance Specialisation Series
Price: $197.00
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  Category: DVDs
KSI Coach Education Products
  Description: There many concepts that Ian shares in this seminar that you may not have thought of or been previously exposed to, includeing:

* Traditional vs. alternative methods or periodisation of endurance
* The optimal ceiling of tolerance beyond which damage in injury increase significantly
* How the athlete and coaches psychology will impact their training approach and how to handle this
* Why so much performance analysis reaches the wrong conclusion
* Why it is not realistic to expect endless increases in volume
* How many athletes actually lose athletic shape doing what they are told in the GPP, to only have to regain it in the CPP
* How to monitor effectiveness in your endurance training
* Why playing the game is the undeniably superior way to get 'fit' to play any sport!
* How to distribute training load through the micro-cycle, macro-cycle and year!
* What endurance training to do if you are a non-athlete just wanting to lower your body fat.

This DVD is a one day seminar that after editing will present about 5 hours of footage.