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The following Interviews are with coaches from the KSI Coach Mentoring Program (CMP) - members of the world's leading physical preparation coach education program! 

Jeff Morgan: An Interview by Darren Stehle
From Issue No. 70 of the KSI Between Sets Newsletter, The Newsletter for Physical Preparation Consultants, April 2005!

This month we are please to interview Jeff Morgan. We featured Jeff in an issue last year after his initial success using the Get Buffed training
program. It's now time to check in with Jeff to see how he has progressed.

Darren: Tell us about yourself.

Jeff: I live in San Juan Capistrano, CA located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego with my wonderful wife and our two sons aged 8 (fraternal twins). My wife is a stay at home mom and I work as a firefighter. 

Darren: Describe a typical day for our readers.

Jeff: A typical day at home has me rising at 5:30 am. I ready the kid's lunches, get them up and breakfasted, make my wife breakfast and have the boys to school by 7:30 am. Usually from there I go workout and on my way home do any errands needed i.e. shopping etc. Next, any projects around the house or outside the house, handle any business chores (we have a property tax consultancy), then pick up the boys. Now, homework, some at-home baseball practice of batting, catching, fielding, off to Tae Kwon Do. Returning home, its dinner, bath and bed for the boys. My wife has about an hour together and then its 9:00 pm and bed for us.

Darren: Now for industry specifics. How did you get into the physical preparation field?

Jeff: I did a Google search on "Ian King" after seeing an article on biceps in "Men's Health". I bought GBI, the video, diary and got to it. The
results so motivated me, I bought GBII, III and as many King books and videos as my wife would allow. Inspirationally, I thought if I could teach folks to get the same results I got, what a satisfying endeavor that would be for both client and me. I followed through by enrolling in Level I at KSI.

Darren: What's your personal athletic history?

Jeff: In childhood, I enjoyed baseball and Pop Warner football, played racquetball later and kept in shape for my job by running. I evolved towards the gym and weight work, followed by cycling, Tai Chi, and now back in the gym again.

Darren: What are your long term plans in this industry?

Jeff: If accepted, continue my education through KSI. I've committed the next 4-5 years to this goal.

Darren: Do you have any other business plans?

Jeff: Complement KSI coursework with real world training experience.

Darren: What is it about this industry that you are passionate about?

Jeff: Results that you can see and feel from an Ian King principled program design. An experientially derived and based, principled program of physical preparation methods that is holistically based, injury prevention founded, athlete (client) centric revolving around the athlete (client) with his/her direct input to an individualized training program.

Darren: Where do you believe this industry is headed?

Jeff: I see it continuing to grow. The corporate fitness chains will replace more gyms, but there will still be a place for the small gym owner. Specialization and innovation will continue. No consumer driven economy (read that as US) will settle for status quo in fitness. Something new, something a little bit different. At some point, Ian King and his methods will be discovered by the mainstream. Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, and massage to name a few, are now ubiquitous.

Darren: What formal education have you had specific to this industry?

Jeff: BA in business.

Darren: What less formal education have you taken steps to participate in?

Jeff: Sports massage background, currently enrolled in KSI Level 1, and more King books and videos than my wife believes one man should own.

Darren: Tell the readers about your experiences with

Jeff: I've gotten personal feedback from Ian when I've commented on my experiences with his GBI and GBII programs. For 'generic' programs, the results I achieved that were easily visible after about 6-9 weeks amazed me. They have provided the motivation to continue to where I am today, enrolled in Level 1. Ian appreciated my comments because it verified, by experience, the power of his teachings through his program design. Also, I injured my shoulder, posted a question and got immediate answers with advice from Ian. I took his advice to work with Mike Pimentel and it's been a great learning experience working with Mike and rehabilitating an injury. Without, I would have never met Mike.

Darren: How did you hear about King Sports International? What attracted you to King Sports?

Jeff: Very rational and logical progression from my exceptional Get Buffed experience. I simply wanted more from Ian King and moved on to KSI where I found it.

Darren: What recommendations would you make to others coming up in this industry in relation to education?

Jeff: Keep learning, solutions come from everywhere. Eclectic is not a four letter word. If you sincerely desire results with an open mind, learn from Ian King.

Darren: What about on how to conduct themselves professionally?

Jeff: Treat clients like you would want to be treated if your positions were reversed. Be proactive. Be well groomed and dress the part. Under promise and over deliver. Return phone calls the same day. Have a 30 second elevator speech that clearly states what you do. Behave with integrity.

Darren: Any final tips or recommendations you can or would like to share with the readers about success as a professional, in business, financially or in life?

Jeff: Be a good husband and father, have some good friends, and do something you can breathe your soul into with some passion. It's never too late to find it.

Darren: Mike Pimentel mentioned that you have been doing new things since our last interview, learning how to write your own programs, etc. So please go into this area in detail.

Jeff: Well, I have been working with Mike Pimentel for almost 6 months to get my right shoulder back into shape. I injured it doing bench presses. With and through Mike, I've learned the value of stretching as it was made a major component of rehabbing the shoulder. Also, I learned how important the control drills are as a preface to the workout to turn on muscles we will be working out. In doing the control drills, I also became aware, in a more acute manner, of the muscles I needed to recruit. 

For example, in the scarecrow, it took very focused concentration to recruit the right muscles of movement while keeping the scapula still. Having mastered ear wiggling and nostril flaring was a plus here. Moreover, retracting the scapula during deadlift was another big challenge for there are 3 keys, at least for me, in the DL. Tight tummy, squeeze the cheeks and retract the scapula. I was not retracting the scapula during the lift, but rolling my shoulders back at the top of the lift. On one occasion, the scapula was retracted nicely at the expense of the cheek squeeze. Yep, you guessed it, back pain (iliopsoas). What a lesson that was! Since I was re-learning the DL, I applied myself to mastering the squat as well. Both techniques, DL and squat, took about 4-6 weeks to re-master (the Ian King way) and to feel comfortable. Now, I can add load.

Back to the shoulder, it's been frustrating at times to feel the shoulder respond so slowly to Mike Pimentel's training program, but on the other hand, I get first hand experience with Mike because he immediately changes the program based on my feedback. Briefly, Mike initially assessed, developed a training program which changed every 3 weeks based on cumulative feedback. I believe this is what Ian teaches, that the client (athlete) participates in the development the training program. As an example, we seemed to get nowhere the first 3 weeks, so Mike increased the stretching to 3 times daily. Doing my part, I was feeling around my shoulder with my index finger and located a tender area. Deep massage relieved a large part of the discomfort therein, and I've made massage part of the training program. Over 6 months, I can now bench without any pain or discomfort (the original complaint), and we're now pinpointing the deltoids to eliminate the remaining feelings of discomfort. Stretching, control drills, program design and client input have come together in solution.

Most recently, we changed the shoulder program to 1 day/week and upper body to 2 days/wk. Here, I designed my own program of exercises for lower body on a maintenance level. One hip dominant day and one quad dominant day with accompanying abdominal exercises with appropriate control drills.

Also, I am writing an exercise program for my two 8 year old boys who both have low muscle tone. It will be a body weight based program.

Darren: Jeff, thank you for taking the time to share with our readers about your personal successes! We look forward to he next update.

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