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Get Buffed! II (Book)
Get More Buffed! 

Content List

Foreword: Setting the Scene

Introduction: Teaching you how to fish!

Chapter 1: Designing the Get Buffed! II Workout  Fine-tune the program to suit your needs!

Chapter 2: Additional Training   What impact will it have?

Chapter 3 : The Recovery Process  The other half of the training equation!

Chapter 4 : Eating to Get Buffed!  Fueling the furnace!

Chapter 5 : Goal Setting and Measuring  Giving you direction and feedback!

Chapter 6 : The Psychology of Getting Buffed!  Training the mind!

Chapter 7 : The Warm Up  Laying the foundations for the workout!

Chapter 8 : The Stretch   A performance advantage!  

Chapter 9 : The Abdominal Exercises  Neglect these at your peril!      

Chapter 10 : The Control Drills   A small yet powerful addition!

Chapter 11 : The Get Buffed! II Workout : Get More Buffed!  A level up from the original one!

         Stage 1 Control/Stability, Muscle Balance & Hypertrophy

Stage 2 Hypertrophy and General Strength

Stage 3 Maximal Strength and Hypertrophy

          Stage 4 Power and Maximal Strength

Chapter 12 : Fools Gold  Helping you resist the temptations!



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