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Get Buffed!™ II (Book)
Get More Buffed! 


Get Buffed! ™ II (Get More Buffed!) takes the reader to the next level.  It opens up more of the information that I have yet to share with the masses.  You are now ready! 

The programs will be more advanced than in the original Get Buffed!™.  I am also going to teach you how to manipulate the major variables of program design, allowing you to individualize the program for yourself. And I am also going to introduce concepts and methods that I felt were not appropriate in the first book.

People often ask me : “What would you write about if you wrote a sequel to the first Get Buffed!™ book”  Believe me, it would take more than two books to exhaust myself of content!  I see this second part as a complimentary sequel to the first book, as a natural progression in training and self-education regarding training.

This installment in the Get Buffed!™ range aims to take you to the next level.  This book is for the readers of Get Buffed!™ I who want to Get MORE Buffed!™

300+ pages jammed packed with no-BS training advice and super-effective training programs! Programs at three levels of difficulty and over four stages.  Done back to back the programs in this book provide a year's worth of training!!

There you have - it! Get Buffed!™ II : Get More Buffed! is a sequel to the original book, not a replacement!

If you would like to review the contents list for this book to gain a greater insight into what it contains, click here!

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What others have said about the Get Buffed!™ II book!

Ian King has gained a great deal of popularity amidst the hard-working and smart-working core of bodybuilders who want a more complete understanding of the "why" and "how come" beneath the surface of muscle building. He gives the student of weight training insight into every practical question  he or she would ever ask about getting bigger, stronger and leaner: how to  determine the true training effect of working out, how to gauge how long,  how often, how many exercises, sets and reps and in what order; training  duration, speed and cadence of reps, fatigue and recovery.
Like stacking forty-five pound plates on an Olympic bar, The King goes on  and on teaching truths and expelling doubts. "Get Buffed" is a muscle builder's reliable fact reference.
--Dave Draper (the 'Blonde Bomber')

I received my copy of Get Buffed today and have been pouring over the contents for the last 4 hours. Man, I thought it would be good, but I feel I now possess what is the definitive book on physique training. No area is left untouched. I especially like the section on injury prevention and the importance of stretching and flexibility. I feel that this is an area generally untouched and unexplored by the mainstream bodybuilding media, but should be the cornerstone of any trainers program.  The section on training continuity was also beneficial. I was previously under the impression that the more radical the change to ones program, the more challenging and rewarding the workout will be. I always wondered however why when I returned to a previous lift, my strength was still the same. I will now be developing some continuity in the exercises I select-paying particular attention to the basics.

Congratulations!!!  The book is tremendous.  Having trained for twenty years, being well read, and having provided advise to a number of top class body builders, it was so refreshing to see a book so practical, so well put together, and so down to earth.  It reminded me of a quotation which struck me from Alex Ferguson the manager of Manchester United (even you must have
heard of them!).  I think you'll enjoy it:  "Common sense, when there is enough of it, amounts to wisdom."  Of course, there is much more to your work than just common sense, but that quality really helps!  I love the work by others, but I feel your work is of more practical use, even for someone pretty experience like me.

I wanted to send you a note about how much I enjoyed reading Get Buffed.  I like the fact that the book had not only a "cookbook" feel, but an excellent technical progression as well.  The chapters were clear cut and many of your underlying themes were quite apparent as  I read through the book.  It seems that many of us (myself included) often get so focused on the most advanced exercises or techniques that we find ourselves getting away from the basics
or should I say the framework or backbone of designing a routine.  Great Job!“

Just finished Get Buffed!, and I must say that it is the best bodybuilding book I have ever read, and I've read quite a few.  I appreciate you putting info on little discussed topics such as injury prevention and muscle imbalances in, as well.  Thanks. 

Get Buffed is excellent. The chapters are similar to your training philosophies (efficient and to the fluff). I find myself referring back to it to answer any questions and to straighten out any issues I may have with my or my girlfriends training programs. It has become my training bible.  You have taken my training to new levels. My strength and size gains are going through the roof!

Thanks for the great book Get Buffed! I'm currently reading it for the third time and as you would expect still learning. I have just started on the 12 week program from the book, and finding it most painful but at the same time enjoyable. Even after having listened to your views from previous books/courses and reading all your articles, about imbalances and the importance of  isolating then working weaknesses rather then strengths, only now am I really starting to understand the do's and don'ts. So for this a special thankyou it has not only benefited myself but also those that I'm associated with.

I just purchased Get Buffed.  What an outstanding book!  The book covers every facet of training.  It is certainly the best book that I have read regarding strength training.  I specifically like the sample routines that are included.  Many authors do not include routines which is somewhat frustrating.  Congratulations on a fine publication.

I have 'Get Buffed' and thought it was awesome. Most publications by the current top people in the field today seem like they intentionally leave out certain key concepts when writing their books. You go away after reading their books feeling as if there are still gaps in your knowledge, and that you still didn't get the ' picture' . That was not the feeling I had after reading 'Get Buffed'


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