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Foundations of Physical Preparation  (Book)

The Foundations of Physical Preparation book introduces you to Ian Kingís unique and high successful perspectives on physical preparation.

It commences with applied theory such as energy systems, the neuromuscular system, the hormonal system, teaches training principles and variables, defines and describes the dominant physical qualities, and provides training methodology for each; and introduces supporting issues such as recovery methods, sleep, nutrition and personal development. 

The Foundations book aims to provide accessible and flexible professional development for the physical preparation consultant based on a balanced presentation of all the physical qualities, in the absence of commercial, cultural or political influences, and in recognition of the global economy of the new millennium. 

To fully understand and appreciates Ianís more advanced methods and concepts, you will find this overview an invaluable stepping stone.  A true foundation upon which to base your future learning.

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What others have said about the Foundations book!
Ian, The Foundations program has been outstanding.  You are exactly right to make this a "prerequisite" for your other courses and seminars.  I came upon you quite by accident and at first sought only information that I thought I needed.  I pulled info "out of order" - (Complete Strength Spec. Course first then seminar (GB) then purchase of other material.)  In short, while completing FPP I gained a greater appreciation of material I studied "out of order".  Its amazing how much I've learned by reviewing same material after FPP as compared to before.  On a larger scale I discovered that I truly need a broader perspective from which to learn and not a narrow focus.  Many thanks for a great experience. Thanks!

Your material has had a major impact on the way I conduct all of my training sessions. I have been a coach for over 20 years and have had some of the same ideas and I am glad you are getting the information out. Thanks for making me think again!

I am really enjoying these lessons. It is helping me realize that there is definitely more to the athlete's success than meets the eye.

The Foundations course is an excellent course for those wishing to gain an understanding of the factors that contribute to athletic performance and physical preparation.  It should be the minimum for anyone involved in the prep/training of athletes or teams, especially those students studying for degrees that will leave you high and dry when it comes the actual physical training of the athlete and implementation of effective results-producing training programs.

I can truly see your passion for training through your materials.  My hat is off to you!  Iím so excited I started the Foundations of Physical Preparation course.  I canít say enough about your materials thus far.

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