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The Way of the Physical Preparation Coach (Book)
A Guide to Ian King’s Philosophies for Success in Physical Preparation

Content List

Part One – Professional Philosophies for the Physical Preparation Coach

Chapter   1   The Training Process                                                          

Chapter   2   Training Theory                                                                

Chapter   3   Planning of Training                                                            

Chapter   4   Training Program Design                                                       

Chapter   5   Principles of Training                                                       

Chapter   6   Training Variable                                                 

Chapter   7   The Physical Qualities                                                      

Chapter   8   Flexibility                                                              

Chapter   9   Strength                                                                          

Chapter 10   Speed                                                                             

Chapter 11   Endurance                                                                       

Chapter 12   Recovery                                                                        

Chapter 13   Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation                                

Chapter 14   Assessment                                                                     

Chapter 15   Equipment                                                                       

Chapter 16   Service Title and Role                                                       

Chapter 17   Professional Development Education                                


Part Two – Personal Philosophies for the Physical Preparation Coach

Chapter 18   Right and Wrong                                                   

Chapter 19   Taking Responsibility                                                         

Chapter 20   The ego                                                                             

Chapter 21   Become a student                                                

Chapter 22   Trust you intuition                                                

Chapter 23   Pick the fruit                                                                    

Chapter 24   Scarcity and Abundance                                                  

Chapter 25   Values and Beliefs                                                                          


Part Three – Business Philosophies for the Physical Preparation Coach

Chapter 26   Service                                                                            

Chapter 27   Love What You Do                                                         

Chapter 28   Your Gift and The Receiver                                             

Chapter 29   Marketing                                                                       

Chapter 30   Sales                                                                               


Part Three - Business Philosophies for the Physical Preparation Coach (cont)

Chapter 31   Competition                                                                    

Chapter 32   A Balanced Life                                                              


Part Four – Financial Philosophies for the Physical Preparation Coach

Chapter 33   Money and You                                                              

Chapter 34   Money and Abundance                                                   

Chapter 35   Your Service and Money                                     

Chapter 36   Financial Offence and Types of Income                

Chapter 37   Financial Defense and Money Management                      


Part Five – Spiritual Philosophies for the Physical Preparation Coach

Chapter 38   Spirituality and the Physical Preparation Coach         

Chapter 39   Law of Potential                                                              

Chapter 40   Law of Nature                                                                                

Chapter 41   Law of Compensation                                                     

Chapter 42   Law of Convergence                                                       

Chapter 43   Law of Least Effort                                                         

Chapter 44   Conclusion                                                                        



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