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Ian King's Guide to the Olympic Lifts Series (DVD)

The Olympic lifts include the clean and jerk, and snatch. The variations of these lifts that have gained popularity in sport and general lifting are the power clean, power snatch and overhead explosive movements. It is these lifts that are the focus of 'Ian King's Guide to the Olympic Lifts'.

The power clean is the most popular explosive power exercise used by power sport athletes. The power snatch is the less popular cousin of the power clean, yet it's arguably a more athletic lift! The explosive overhead lifts are popular in those circles that appreciate their potential for power development.

This program discusses covers topics relevant to each lift including:

         How to perform each lift the 'Ian King' way.

         The variations of each lift and how, why and when to use each variation.

         How to identify common faults and drills to correct these faults.

         Optimal teaching methods for learning and advancing in each lift.

         Assistance lifts aimed to develop technical and physical aspects to ensure continued progress in each lift

         Technical options to support the more advanced lifter.

         Management issues such as warm-up, stretching, warm-up sets, arousal and recovery.

         Equipment options such as chalk, tape on fingers and bar selection.

         Safety issues to reduce injury risk.

'Ian King's Guide to the Olympic Lifts' is packed with information!  This is the longest footage Ian has ever recorded dedicated specifically to these three lifts!

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What others have said about the Ian King's Guide to the Olympic Lifts Series!
What a pleasure it was to see King Sports on DVD quality! Secondly, I was impressed. As usual, Ian makes it look so easy. And truthfully it is. Once you understand the simple way Ian teaches you will make huge strides in your own teaching.

As a coach I paid special attention to Ian's teaching, perhaps more so than to the exercise instruction itself. That I will do upon second viewing. I wanted to improve my teaching abilities. I realized how often I demonstrate when I train clients.

Ian never shows. He uses a higher level of communication than most of us to have the athlete learn entirely by doing. This is an admirable quality and one I strive to master.

I also admire Ian for his lack of 'theories'. Ian deals with the reality of what he knows in relation to the athlete he is working with. Who cares what the names of muscles are in Latin. Who needs a blood pressure cuff to do a abdominal exercise. One performs movement in the real world and Ian addresses said movements in the moment.

Ian also takes his skill to the level most won't: he teaches an athlete these exercises for the first time. No rehearsal. Why? Because Ian is the Master. Ian has mastered his own methods such that he can perform optimally in any environment.

If you don't own this series I suggest you add it too your library, even if you don't plan on doing these lifts. Invest in the series for what you will learn about teaching and higher communication.

I have never seen anything like it in the industry! To get info like this you had to be acquainted with a world-class bodybuilder, power lifter, Olympic lifter or pro athlete of some sort and hope they would share their info with you! Even people who have been in the Iron Game for years will learn something!

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