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I just finished your DVDs and your books, and after working with every known person in this world, your books are the best! I highly recommend them to everybody - every trainer, lifter or athlete should have the collection.
--Eric Serrano, MD

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Your Books are great - don't know what i would have done without those. I already spent a huge amount of money on several other books before  purchased yours and after reading them trough (2,3 or even 4 times - i always discover something new) i don't think i will need other ones for the rest of my training career. So, thanks a lot for your work!
I don't think there is another strength and conditioning coach in the world who has contributed as much to the field and its evolution as you. Most people try to bury their past mistakes, you allow others to learn from them.  I look forward to reading the books you recommended as well as seeing your Speed Videos.
Ian, I have applied your methods for three years to my clients and have experienced greater and faster results than anything my $150 textbooks even began to approach. Keep doing what your doing and don't conform to any mold or ideal that promises more money or fame. This is what sets you apart. God bless you!
The KSI material really has left me dumbfounded! I watched the partner stretching on the flex specialisation tape and actually said to myself out loud "that is why the athletes call him the f*****g master!" (no offence!). I have never been exposed to anything remotely like this content (apart from with Ian in person!)!  Thanks again for all your tireless efforts! I hope one day I can reciprocate and show my gratitude through my actions, both in person and from a distance.
All I can say is wow!  I value your material very highly and am enthused by your concepts.

The information in your book is really and truely fantastic!  My workouts have changed a lot because of your programs with fantastic results.  My volume has decreased dramatically, but with amazing results.  I feel not so tired and over trained any more.  I have a high stress sales job and by just cutting the volume of workouts down has really made a huge difference.  Also your training tips and rehab are such valuable tools.  I look forward to getting some of your other great books.


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