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  Get Buffed! Athlete Coach Training Tools

Get Buffed!

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          Stretching Tube
Membership Get Buffed! Athlete Coach Shaker Bottle
Books Get Buffed! I   Foundations


  Get Buffed! II   So You Want  
  Get Buffed! III   The Way  
  Get Buffed! IV   Winning & Losing  
  Ask the Master-V 1 Ask the Master-V 1 Barbells & Bullshit  
  Book of Muscle Book of Muscle How to Write  
      How to Teach  
      Ask the Master-V 1  
E-books Ask the Master-Vol II Creatine - A Guide Barbells & Bullshit  
Audios Inter. with Ian King Inter. with Ian King Barbells & Bullshit  
DVDs Get Buffed!Workout   Foundations  
  Stretching Stretching Flexibility Training  
  Control Drills Control Drills Flex Specialization  
  Abdominal Exercises Abdominal Exercises Strength Specializ.  
  Knee Injuries Knee Injuries Speed Specializ.  
  Lower Back Injuries Lower Back Injuries Endurance Specializ.  
  Shoulder Injuries Shoulder Injuries Injury Prev & Rehab  
  Squat Squat Periodization & Integ  
  Bench Press Bench Press Recovery Methods  
  Deadlift Deadlift How to Teach  
  Power Clean Power Clean Plyometrics  
  Power Snatch Power Snatch Power Lifts  
  Expl. Overhead Lifts Expl. Overhead Lifts Olympic Lifts  
      Barbells & Bullshit  
E-Videos     Are you ready-2012  
Packages GB Book & DVD   Foundations Pack  
  Flexibility Pack   Plyometrics Pack  
  Two Book Pack   Barbells & Bullshit  
  Three Book Pack   Starter Pack  
  Four Book Pack   Basic Flex Pack  
  Injury Prevention   Advanced Flex Pack  
  Injury Rehabilitation   Book Pack  
  Power Lifts   Speed Pack  
  Olympic Lifts   Strength Pack  
  12 DVD Pack   Specialization Pack  
  GB Total Pack   Professional Pack  
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